Friday, May 25, 2007

'Tis a strange world.

I didn't have much work today and so I decided to leave early from the lab. At a road crossing, I meet this grizzly old man, Glenn I think his name was. Animated, and very polite, amongst other things he asks me where I am from. When I tell him that I am from India, he pulls out a 2-rupee coin, and asks if I have seen anything like that before. Surprised that he has an Indian coin, I say that yes, I have certainly seen those, and tell him the paltry value of it when asked.

We're walking on, and he tells me that he's from Jersey, and he'd come here for an operation, and points at one of the huge hospital buildings. He has a scar running down the middle of his chest, some 6 inches long, I think. He had an aortic aneurysm, and people fixed it. Which means that his aorta was about to burst open. We parted ways, wishing each other the very best.

I've met few people who seemed more alive.


Mohan K.V said...

Polite, oh yes! Probably its because Purdue is a university town, but nearly everyone I've met has been _extremely_ polite and friendly!
The Alive part, well, I hope I meet someone like that :)

swathi said...

ha ha. :)

PS said...

@KV I think it's a small town thing. Even when it comes to traffic. Only in small towns will you see people giving way.