Friday, August 1, 2008

A Lil' Bitta H-D-R.

Title stolen from here.

HDR, or High Dynamic Ranging is this lovely photographic technique for capturing both very light and very dark parts in an image. And as much as I like silhouettes, it's nice to get both a pretty looking sky and all the detail in whatever it is that I am trying to photograph.

At first I thought that this needed a more fancy cam than what I had, but apparently you don't. I simply varied the exposure levels and clicked multiple pictures of the same objects, and then combined all of them using a really simple desktop software, Photomatix Pro 3.

And voila!

Inside the South Fort, Badami, Karnataka.

The North Fort, Badami, Karnataka.

One of the rock-cut temples, Badami, Karnataka.

"Durga temple", Aihole, Karnataka.

Kailasanathar temple, Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu.


MM said...

Very much into fotographie you are these days.
I must say, you're really good at it. :)

shreevatsa said...

Great photographs! Are those the natural hues (whatever that means), or have you changed them?

And do you doubt the claim that it is a Durga temple? :)

PS said...

Thank you! :)

Well, the pictures are rendered as if the viewer has separately focused on each part of the image and seen it in a "properly exposed" fashion. Sometimes this ( looks quite surreal.

But no, they aren't fake hues, they aren't inserted through photoshop trickery.

And regarding the Durga temple, it's just called so because the ASI wanted to give it a name. Like most temples in Aihole, the authorities have no freakin' clue which diety the temple is supposed to be built for. The carvings outside have Shiva, Vishnu, Narasimha, Varaha and even Mahishasura mardhini! Hence the quotation marks.

Ashwin Ravikumar said...

did your digicam (sony, if i remember right) have aperture n other high level settings? bought a new one or wat?
ya, pics are cool...

Ashwin Ravikumar said...

btw, glorious sporting season for spain :)

PS said...

Still have the same old Sony digicam. That's the whole thing, I thought you needed a fancy cam for HDR, but turns out that my low-end cam is enough.

The season was something, wasn't it? 8 years of supporting Spain finally paid off. :)

La said...

these photos have come out really, really nice!you're getting to travel a lot, aren't you? :)

PS said...

Thanks. :)

Yep, I've traveled quite a bit these past few months. All that's coming to an end though, will have to go away soon enough. :(

PS said...

@Vatsa I found out more about the "Durga" temple. Apparently, it's called so not because of any possible connection to the goddess, but because of it is in the vicinity of a hilltop fort, also called Durga in Kannada (as in Devarayanadurga, Makkalidurga, etc.)