Monday, May 28, 2007

Right of way.

Once you get used to the fact that people drive on the right in the US, (they felt the need to stick it to the Brits every step of the way, didn't they?) the thing that surprises you the most is who gets the right of way.

Pedestrians. Yes, that's right.

OK, so you shouldn't jaywalk and cross the road wherever you freakin' want to. As long as you don't do that, you're king of the road!

I think this has happened so many times so far - I come to an intersection, and stare into the distance waiting for the vehicles on the road to go past. Suddenly I realise that the car's stopped and the person driving is waving at me to go ahead and cross. And every time, I find myself thanking them all surprised and hurriedly, feeling bad about not having crossed sooner.

Had I expected the same back home and acted on it, I would've been roadkill long, long ago.


Mohan K.V said...

Felt EXACTLY the same way! I was standing there, and there was a whole lot of cars, seemingly stopping for no reason! Vague feeling :)

Ganesh said...

Same feeling here too! I infact told the car guy to move ahead and he just _refused_ to! was almost going to come out of the car and push me to the other side!!! :D

Anonymous said...

you definitely would've been roadkill wayy sooner if you did that in India. :P but that's what's people do here in US. I think that's called common courtesy. but point given, I assume you're not used to that.

PS said...

@A Even here it happens only in the suburbs and small towns. Doubt if it will happen in downtown Chicago or NY.

Anonymous said...

Point given. I don't ever remember that happening in NY or Chicago. So it's mostly suburbs.