Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My experiments with MS Paint

Someone needs to take a gun and shoot me. As no one seems to be doing so, I guess I can get on with the erm... questionable things I do.

Today, I might have gone just a tad off my rocker. Yes, I accept that it's so before you take it upon yourself to kindly tell me so. (In fact, some of you have already expressed your ahem, opinions on the same, so never matter.)

My spending the whole day in lab, and my mucking around in noxious glacial acetic acid and hydrogen choride fumes just might have done the trick. Anyhou, I come back to the room after the ritualistic visit to Guru, our friendly neighbourhood 'Gurunath Patisserie', and do the routine search for the latest episodes of all those TV series I happen to follow. And it was good news! Lost, Boston Legal, Jericho, Scrubs, and HIMYM had all come out with new ones. *counts* Almost three hours worth of stuff. Bliss. My day is done.

Or so one would think. Suddenly, I find myself opening MS Paint. I can't quite recollect as to why I actually did that. Soon, I find myself doodling there, drawing a face, whilst things were downloading off the LAN. The face comes out OK, but the hair looks terrible. So the obvious choice? Cut off the poor bloke's head. And fill it with something weird. The result, quite ghastly, was my display pic for a brief while, when TheGreyPilgrim was kind enough to express his horror at the same. I think I'll do everyone a favour and not put up that pic here.

I am a very dedicated person. Of course, few realise that. You may see me idling most of my time, but that is only because most of the time, I'm just waiting for an inspiration noble enough to match this erm... spirit of endeavour of mine. Well, I found one today.

I see BigBet having one of his Anime/Manga pics on his Gtalk profile. It looks particularly elegant and simple. I'm intrigued. When asked, he gives me the image file, rather amused. Ever used the curved lines option on MS Paint? I draw all the outlines using that option. Not the most trivial thing one can do. And then I proceed to spend almost three hours on recreating that picture from scratch.

Three hours, when I could have watched a plethora of sitcoms and series, or when I should have worked on the A slot assignment.
The result, I'm proud to say, was quite good. All who called me a loon did agree with me on that much.