Monday, June 30, 2008


Yes, I actually used the word peekaboo. I also like to use the word pizazz on occasion. You have been warned.

Anyhou, I'd been to my native place earlier this week, a quaint li'l village by name Basavapatna somewhere near Hassan. I made a nice little trip out of it, re-acquainting myself with the Hoysala heritage that I somehow identify with. I'd felt a little out of place at Kanchi, and Mahabalipuram felt downright alien. But amongst the living temples of Belur, Belavadi and Hosaholalu and the ruins of Dwarasamudra and Doddagaddavalli, I found something that I could not only appreciate and enjoy, but also something I could really take pride in.

Maybe it is very regionalist of me, to take special pride in Hoysala achievements as opposed to all Indian achievements. Pray, judge me not too hastily.

So, in the spirit of the title, this is but a preview. I hope to enthrall the many, many patrons of my blog with much, much more about my trip, my ancestry and all that I've been trying to connect with in these past few months.

In picture, the Laksminarayana temple at Belur in the Chennakeshava temple complex.

PS. Expect my own superior pictures to be uploaded on to those wiki pages very soon. *smug smile*

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CoNfUsEd said...

hey.... tats a damn neat pic kano...
waiting to chk out more of those !!

BTW, nice blog... will try to chk it out more often from now on ! :)