Thursday, April 24, 2008

Man-eating strangelets.

Questionable Content is one of the webcomics I finished last week. (Real life being the other.) Apart from the really vague Indie-music references, the comic is quite alright. And very addictive.

Doesn't the whole Higgs-Boson business seem so science-fictiony? Strangelets and mini-black holes and weird vacuums whatnot. Would He come down from the heavens with his host of angels and make war with the strangeness and take the chosen ones to heaven?

"Ode to the LHC"
O! Prometheus of mass,
We come to unchain thee
Not with key, nor torch, nor saw
But a circus of relativity
Hadrons colliding,
A sudden, stable strangelet
devours us all.


Less than 3 hours to go for the Med Chem final. Start studying, dammit.

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