Thursday, March 27, 2008

Shine on you crazy diamond.

I am ashamed to admit that having lived in Bangalore for over 14 years, it is only now, when I am living in Madras that I got a chance to go to Mysore and see the Wodeyar palace lit up in all its glory.

I wonder if the Buckingham palace or Versailles can ever match Amba Vilasa in their splendour. Perhaps during the day, but after dark, when lit up? Surely not!

On Sundays people are herded out of the palace grounds before sunset, upon which expectant (read giddy) tourists line up outside the gates, waiting to be let in. With bated breath.

Finally, minutes before the 7 o'clock bell they are let in. And lo! Everything is lit up, the gold of the palace outshining the gold on the horizon. People ooh and people aah and go clickety-click.

Hmm, perhaps there is more to this, many realise, as the lights are dimmed somewhat, in a silent drumroll leading up to something even better.

And then it happens. Incandescent bulbs light up everywhere on palace, blinding in their brightness. The spectacle is so magnificent that people break into spontaneous applause. You grin from ear to ear without even knowing that you do so.

Alas, the day when we went, it started raining minutes after the lamps were turned on. Well, I suppose I should be grateful that it did not start before they were switched on.

People in the UK voted a while back on some "100 things to do before you die". Be you British or Taiwanese, this is one sight you have to see before you die.

PS. If you happened to go to the wiki page on the Mysore palace from the link up there, you might notice that I have put up this pic over there. (Assuming that it hasn't been deleted yet.) One or two others on that page are mine as well!

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