Sunday, November 25, 2007


Finally, I managed to find some use for a couple of my textbooks.
At last I have a reason to be glad for buying them.

Yes, my lappie is very very nice and very very cool and I'm totally showing it off.


Ganesh said...

some blogging streak you've been on!

PS said...

Nothing like the exams to get me to work on everything else. :)

Ashwin Ravikumar said...

Yes, 'it' noticed ? where from ?? how much ? good specs ??
Exams dun here. Work on a couple of projects ongoing. Howz life ? And howz life with the lappie ??

PS said...

Ah no, my 'it' was something else. :)

Your 'it' was bought over summer... Core 2 duo, 1gb ram, 160gb harddisk, built-in webcam, the works. :)

Desktop's screwed. This has been my staple since September or so.

Still in the middle of exams! :( 3 more to go. Cant wait for them to get over.