Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Now that just about everyone in this dark and gloomy world has a blog of their own, I thought to myself - pah, why not? The question, meant to be rhetorical, got a whole bunch of answers.

Why not?
a. because just about everyone in this dark and gloomy (and boring!) world has a blog of their own.
b. I am sufficently accomplished at blowing more than enough time as it is, and this isn't gonna help.
c. Whatever am I going to write?

(There were more, but I forgot them somewhere along the way.)

It was point c that I could never really defeat by reason. (If you're thinking that this is yet another one of those 'first blog's in which people contemplate what all they could write about, then fear no longer - for this is not one of those.) Sure, I write. I write a fair bit more than your average Joe, at least, I'd like to think so. I've written a few poems, and I've been writing a fan-fic for over 2 years now (the end is far from sight, but that should be a post for another night. See, I'm a natural,) and... I fancy myself to be a decent writer.

Which is not the point. Who would I be writing for? Myself? I don't need something so elaborate and impersonal for that! I would much rather scribble in a notebook, one of those Navneet ones that I am quite fond of. So I would be writing for others, the public?

Erm... I'm not exactly a giving kind of a person (now there's something you didn't know!), so the idea of writing for the public doesn't really appeal to me. Hell, I don't think so highly of myself to believe that I would actually be contributing to the world by starting this blog. Nope, even I don't.

So why in the world am I writing a blog? I try not to do 'why not's. I guess the final deciding point is that I'm bored. And I have nothing better to do. Great incentive for you lot to read this, huh?

I dunno, I kinda like assuming that I am addressing some large populace... and I think I'll continue to do that. I'm escapist, you see. Love fantasies.

As to what I will be writing in this blog? I have no clue, none whatsoever.

Also, don't ask me why I named the blog so, again, I have no clue, none whatsoever. Whatever I could say now would be nothing but post-justification.


CoNfUsEd said...

nice post dude.....

hope to read more of yr posts...keep it goin... :)

Anonymous said...

now THAT was funny! I never knew some one could write so much!! just like Prithvi said, I hope to read more!! keep writing!

PS said...

Whoa! People commented on my post?
I rule!
I should write more then. Dang, why do I have tests this week? :-)

Anonymous said...

haha. :D the only people who commented are your cousins...:P so, critically, the term "people" would be random strangers... :P. Why do ppl have tests? My exact question. Isn't that right Prithvi? :P hehe..I stuck out my tongue too much in this comment.. lol! :D